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Prescribed by Nature

VetPRO+ prides itself in developing targeted formulas based on our knowledge of actives nature has to offer. We combine this knowledge with patented technology to ensure these actives are in their purest and most potent forms. We focus on developing Australian made products that harnesses nature through science, so your pets can be cared for and treated with natural solutions. Our products are made in GMP facilities that also adhere to ISO standards, upholding the integrity and quality of our products.


At VetPRO+, we believe that every pet deserves to live their best life. That's why we are committed to creating high-quality, natural supplements that support the health and wellbeing of our furry friends. 

Our values are rooted in transparency, honesty, and a deep love and respect for all animals. We believe that our pets are more than just pets; they are family members who deserve the very best care. 

We use only the finest ingredients in our products, and work tirelessly to ensure that they are safe, effective, and beneficial for pets of all shapes and sizes. At our core, we strive to enhance the quality of life for pets by providing them with supplements that promote happiness, wellness and vitality.

Brand Mission

Omega-3 Plus

  • Assists joint, heart, kidney & skin

  • rTG Omega-3 fatty acid

  • 200mg EPA & DHA

NMN Advance

  • Boosts longevity protein

  • Restores damaged DNA

  • NMN 7500mg

Synbiotic Boost

  • Contains probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes

  • Enriched with colostrum & beta-glucan

  • 50 billion CFU, multi-strain

Kelp Seaweed

  • 100% pure Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed

  • Contains over 40 different vitamins and minerals

Joint Guard

  • Curcumin C3 a potent anti-inflammatory

  • Rosehip Vitamin C to protect cartilage

  • VetPerine® to improve absorption 

Mother Nature's Milk

  • Formulated to match the mother’s milk

  • High in protein to improve growth rate

  • Vitamins & minerals for healthy development

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